‘Cross equals Love’ Easter weekend

Easter is around the corner and we are extremely excited about CROSS EQUALS LOVE! This Easter we are going to celebrate what JESUS did for us. Because He died and rose again, your life has an opportunity to be more than it could ever be. There will also be a Kids program with lots of fun and activities. EASTER WEEKEND – #crossequalslove


Girlfriends Conference has a vision to empower every woman from every background, age and colour, to be exactly what God intended them to be. It is about finding our unique beauty and reflecting it to this grey world. It is about illuminating the light of Christ within us to bring about the Kingdom of God.
Real beauty lies within each one of us. It is unique. It is ever growing through the ups and downs of life. This world seems obsessed with outer beauty and is in a mad chase to find the secrets to sustain this beauty. They have missed the beauty in the many lines that mark our faces, telling a life time of stories, triumphs and victories. We are a kaleidoscope of beauty reflecting the glory of God.
We look forward to seeing you at our Girlfriends Conference in 2020.


Celebrate Your Life in Christ!